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5 must do’s in Edinburgh

Oh Edinburgh …. I could so go back, try the same places again, and don’t even fret for not trying or finding new things… There’s the usual must do’s, must go’s in every city, but

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One of the biggest delicatessen in Scotland is also one of the things that most people don’t want to try, Haggis, is made of sheep’s liver, lungs, heart all inside of its stomach (it has

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Edinburgh is forever on my list of favorite cities in the world.  I still want to move there someday during my life.  I can’t even explain what it makes me fall in love with the

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How I learned to drink whisky

So, today is the food and drinks post day, and today let’s talk about booze: There are some important aspects to declare about me before starting to write about it. 1st –> I like to

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travel plan

How do you plan your flights?

I have been an avid user of Google and all the flight sear engines in the market for several years, as I told before, even when I’m not traveling I’m planning the next one, so I’m

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Greyfriars Kirkyard

I think I told this before, but graveyards are one of my favorite places to visit, I’m definitely a bit morbid. What I can also say is that Scotland, and especially Edinburgh, are a dream for

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I’ve done a small 2 days tour in the highlands a couple of years ago, but, I feel the same to the Highlands as I feel to Edinburgh, is never enough to repeat. Scotland has an

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San Francisco Gay pride parade

When I started to plan my trip to the states, years ago, it was always programmed to be during the end of June/start of July, the big trip that I try to do annually is normally

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Girly drinking

I always thought of myself as liking red wine, and not being too girly while drinking. San Francisco changed my mind, first of all, I’ve drunk chardonnay for the first time, and as you can see

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5 must do’s in San Francisco

San Francisco is probably on the to go list of half of the world. I know that it was in mine for several years, and then in San Fran, you have so many places to

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