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Israel offers me eating experience

I  recently been in Israel, and just like I do every where I go, I spent a couple of hours wandering trough the streets of Tele Aviv and that gave some amazing food experiences that Israel offers.

One of  the things that I really enjoy to do is eat, I’m not a picky eater, by the contrary, and I love to try everything.

Since I mainly traveled trough Europe, this was my first experience in eating middle eastern food outside a big city restaurant, and it was amazing,

the food in Israel offers:

  • an intense flavour
  • not as spicy as I was expecting( that allowed me to eat – I’m almost intolerant to spicy food)
  • the fresh juices, although I did try one green one that was a bit weird, refreshing but I still don’t know what was it made of.

More than that, I really enjoyed all the food markets that made me taste a bit of the everyday  life.

That being said I just love to eat, and I’m just happy to try something new.

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