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RELIGIOUS OR NOT SO RELIGIOUS? My religious misconceptions

 Even if I try to live without preconceptions, we all have them, I imagine that it’s something human, in which we always create this ideas about people and places.

Even with all the access to information that we have nowadays, or because of it, the religious misconceptions that exist around the world are enormous. When I told some of my friends ad colleagues that I was going to Israel for a couple of days, I had mostly to reactions:

1st – “Oh my God!! Are you crazy? You’re going alone? Isn’t dangerous?”

2nd – “Oh my God!!! Are you crazy?  You’ll have to use a burka?”

I still don’t know what kind of face I’ve done to this reactions but was mostly saying something on the line of : “Are you fucking serious??!!”

Even if I didn’t had any of these ideas, since I was sure that I could basically walk around with most of  my skin being showed, or use a bikini, and that going there alone was the same as going to any of the other places that I went alone already,  I found myself a little amazed with the amount of “sex” that I saw there.

I went there with the idea that even if it is a modern and mostly occidental country, it still is a religious country, and even after being told that the Tel Aviv Pride is one of biggest in the world, I wasn’t expecting to see all the images that could bring your mind to the “gay live” and to sex, something that I wasn’t expecting to see in a supposedly religious country.

I saw it just in Tel Aviv, so I imagine that there are other cities in the country that are less open, or I just have millions of misconceptions  about a country that is more than the his history and religion.

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