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Lisbon is gorgeous

I’m in love with my city,lisboa 26.02.2012 147

it has at the same time a small town vibe, and everything that a big     DSC_0139       city has.DSC_0397

It complements an ancient story with modern facilities.

Lisbon is older than most of the of the big cities in Europe, it has a multitude of peoples on its roots, there were Romans, Celtic, Moorish and so many more in here, and that it’s notorious in numerous aspects. lisboa 26.02.2012 012
all on my back...

Even though we lost so much of the architectural story with the 1755 earthquake we can still see some really old ruins.lisboa 26.02.2012 536

Although we know Lisbon as the 7 hills city, it’s an walk-able city where we can just wander and find some interesting gems around the corner.double..

There’s something that is constantly talked about by everyone that visits Lisbon, it’s light. We have a fantastic light, that allows to take some gorgeous pictures.i don't suppose is worth the price...

And then we have really good foods, between seafood the meat and the sweets, you’ll always find something that will make happy.DSC_0024

So if you’re coming to Lisbon you’ll have a lot of things to enjoy, the weather (we always complain about it, but it’s amazing), the food, the history, the architecture, the light.lisboa 26.02.2012 021

But most of all you’ll enjoy Lisbon becauseDSC_0004 (2)

Lisbon is gorgeous!!!lisboa 26.02.2012 267



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