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Overestimating my capacity of sharing and communicating

A couple of weeks ago I shared with my best friend, probably the one person that really know me, that I was starting to blog about my trips. that I wanted to write for a living (even though I’m not that confident about my writing style).

I had a mixed reaction:

1st: You should do it, you love to travel and I only see you really happy while doing it.

2nd: Don’t forget that you’re awfully bad at sharing. It seems to me that you’re overestimating your capacity of sharing and communicating

That being said it seems that I’m entering in a world that I love, travel, a world in which I wanna get better, writing, and definitely a world where I’ll need to fight my demons, sharing and communicating.


I’m not one of those big travelers that was everywhere, unfortunately I mostly been in Europe, and with just a couple of trips however I do have inumerous stories to tell , I traveled alone, with an only girls group, with a big group, with people that I barely knew; and most of the times I went through some adventures that are worth to tell. Like:

  • The one where we entered a really bad zone in Bilbao, and had to almost run out of there while one of us was having an asthma attack.
  • the one where I lost my plane because i had way too much luggage
  • my first alone trip, 48h from Rome to Lisbon, in train, with no itinerary, and almost no money
  • arriving to an airport, where absolutely l now one knew English, and i didn’t know how o speak Turkish.
  • a train that caught fire… I was asleep during it, and I didn’t wake up.
  • the inumerous road trips, that always brought me some kind of adventure.

and so much more.

So it seems that this blog is a way to force to learn how to share my adventures, let’s hope that I’m not overestimating my capacity of communicate and share.


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