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Nanowrimo 2015

I just decided something on a whim.


And I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be able to finish it.


I’m in love with the Nanowrimo idea since the day I discovered it around September 2013. I tried then, well I wrote 5000 words, when the goal is 50.000, and decided to try again in 2014, didn’t even started it.


Now we’re in 2015, October 31’st and i discovered that there are a couple of people changing a couple of rules and instead of writing a 50000 novel, decided to write at least a blog post a day ( the last time I tried something like this, it lasted only around 2 weeks).

Since I came back to blogging (again) it seems a better way to trying it.

 So, I’ll try Nanowrimo for the 3rd time, and even if I know myself enough for not trusting my ability to write daily and procrastinate instead, I’, pumped and I really want to be able to do it.


For those of you who think that this is a good idea:


The blog post that inspired me and has the rules.

The facebook group


The bloggers participating:


Venga, Vale, Vamos

Artist explores the world

Blog of Beanie


Quarter life epiphany

The Indian Sage


PS: I’m adding anyone who’s doing it (if I found it :))


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