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Follow the pic – Lisbon secrets

Lisbon is a touristy historic and modern city, it has everything that you’re expecting and is extremely easy to find it anywhere online or even if you ask in the place you’re staying, so I’m not going to write about all of those amazing but normal places,I’ll write about what I love, what is a bit of a secret, or just something that I found out recently.


One of the things that I love the most in Lisbon is all the amazing places where we can take pics, and some of them are not on the most common places.

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When I’m travelling what I love them to do is to just grab my camera my music and wander through the city, but unfortunately I don’t do it enough in my own city, even so I was able to find some really pretty places:

lisboa 26.02.2012 012

Cais do Sodré (38.705203, -9.147317)

We have a cousin of the Golden Gate bridge – The 25 of April bridge, is as beautiful, and there are a couple of places on the city from where we can take some amazing pics of all of the city.



cais do sodre spotted by locals



Algés (38.694537, -9.230656)

We basically have a really nice river front, and some of our best spots, either to photograph or to just chill are somewhere along the river.

from here we can see some stunning sunsets, some of them with the Bugio on the background


Another top spot for my Lisbon pics is probably one of the most knowing places in Lisbon to take pics:

In a city with so many hills is normal that some of the pics are from the top of the hill, the Miradouro de Sao Pedro de Alcantara (38.715369, -9.144078) is an obvious but amazing location:



And a last place is from the top of the Parque Eduardo VII (38.730580, -9.154583):

lisboa 26.02.2012 147

An extra place, but this is something a bit personal for me, since I’ve been discovering during the last couple of months that I’m a bit of a morbid, I love to take pics in graveyards, if you follow my Instagram you already know it, but there is at least one in Lisbon that is amazing for pics, it’s really old and has some nice sculptures and some interesting symbols. Cemiterio dos Prazeres(38.713942, -9.169761 ):




And then, some of the most iconic images from Lisbon are born from someone just wandering through the historic part of the city, and some of the most iconic neighborhoods, my favorite hobby when I’m travelling.

DSC_0122 (2)

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lisboa 26.02.2012 021



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