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I’m going to leave this rolling …. an introduction

Some of things that I love the must to do is eat and drink. I don’t need much more than this, you give me food, give me drinks, and a nice chat when possible and I’m happy.

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Also, I’m not a picky eater, there are a couple of things that I’m not the biggest fan, but I can eat almost anything, for now there’s only one thing that I’m incapable of eating: Favas (it’s a specific kind of beans that I don’t know how to translate in English and google isn’t helping me – I do love all the other types of beans), and it’s a fairly normal thing to eat in Portugal.


There’s another thing, I mostly traveled through Europe (Israel and Turkey – the Asian part of Turkey – where the only countries outside of it) so I honestly never had to try to something too weird (although in Europe there’s also a fair part of unusual food).

food memes2

If there’s something that I vow myself to trough is to always try new things, and in the food and drinks department I’m doing since ever, and I’ll keep on doing it.


Not only the weird and unusual foods, but also the typical foods and drinks in any of the cities and countries that I’ll visit.

food memes

With this series I’ll narrate my experiences in trying new and not so new foods, being it


Whisky and Haggis in Scotland

Guinness and stew in Ireland

The famous fish and chips in England

Turkish delight and tea in Turkey

Pasta, Pizza and Gelato in Italy

Sangria and tapas in Spain
and so much more…



  1. Love your use of memes, the last one is the best. I too enjoy food! I’m not picky but I’m not adventurous when it comes to food. I’ve seen scorpions on a stick and fried tarantulas but decided to pass. haha.

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