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Portugal secrets … let’s start it

Following the Lisbon secrets category, and using the same premise, I’ll also start a Portugal secrets. it doesn’t make much sense to show you a bit of our history since it’s somehow a parallel to Lisbon history: everyone spent some time here, and we have remains of it everywhere.

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But even with such a rich background where we can show you bits and pieces of so many different people, we have more than history to share.


Being a small country with only around 10000000 habitants, we have 800km of coast and some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe (probably in the world, but I’m a bit biased to say that), we have places with some gorgeous natural beauty, either on our archipelagos of Azores and Madeira or even in our continental territory with places such as Serra da Estrela or Douro.


We have several sites nominated to Unesco worldwide patrimony , and some amazing heritage from Neolithic, Roman Era, some historical villages that are incredible to visit , a city that reminds of Venice (Aveiro), one of the oldest universities in Europe (Coimbra) with one of the most beautiful library in the world and so much more.

serra da estrela (33)

i don't suppose is worth the price...

Something that is always talked by anyone that spent some time in Portugal is the food, and in this department, even being completely biased, I must underline it. We have a super diverse cuisine, based in the Mediterranean diet, but with our touch. Since we’ve been almost everywhere, and that so many people where here, we can see all of these influences in our food, and not only that but we also have interesting stories about it, for example, and something that is not that known, the famous British custom of drinking tea, was imported with a Portuguese princess that became Queen in England. Or so many of our sweets are part of type of cuisine called conventual sweets, because they were invented by our nuns, becoming also known as the only terrestrial pleasure that they could have.

O melhor do meu pais

sly and sea (33)

And after all this talk about our food, something in what we’re real good at is making wine, not only the world-famous Port wine, but every other one. We have some amazing wines that are waiting to become famous.

praia d. murração 173

So since we’re a budget destination, and you can really do a lot with little, you should come here and enjoy Portugal that is not only Lisbon and beaches but it has something for everyone, be it nature, culture, history, food or just an opportunity to party hard. From my end I’ll use this section to share some of our amazing country.

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