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This NaNoWriMo Travel Blogging Challenge is making me write, but at the same time is giving some problems with the themes, somehow is going to make create a a new series that will be called “ramblings and shits”, basically it will be the posts that will be completely unfocused on the travelling theme, and that’s pretty complicated to me, because my head basically lives in a cloud of travel memories and dreams.

Every now and and then, I do want to write about something different, it can also be a way for you to know me better, and somehow a way for me to share the weird things that live in my head. I did thought about creating a separated blog for this type of nonsense that I want to share, but, honestly I already have some difficulty’s writing in this one, so imagine me writing in more than one blog….

Truth be told I have millions of ideas on my head, although 90% involve traveling in some sense and I do want to share them. Sometimes I hope we could have something like the “pensieve” (is this the name?) of Harry Potter, the one where they put the ideas and memories.


I’m trying to use this challenge for that, at least for now, writing daily is making me put a lot of ideas on paper, most of them don’t make much sense – something like this post –  but at least is something that I wanted to do forever, and always gave up in a no time. But I’m finally felling myself motivated to write, let’s just hope that I keep on doing it.


Today is being a hard night to write, I have to wake up daily around 5h30, but somehow I’m only sleepy at Friday night, on the only night that I know that I can sleep in on the next morning. Unfortunately my body never obeys to my head.

I’m planning to try to start doing some kind of videos this weekend, I’ve been flirting with youtube and now with periscope for some  weeks now. I think that tomorrow will finally be the day in which I’ll try to film something to publish. You’ll definitely know about it.

After rereading this I have to assume that this doesn’t make any sense, is a bit all over the place, and I don’t know what to write when I don’t have a specific theme, let’s see if next week, this looks better.


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