Wanderer Wannabe

Living two lifes

“The life you have led doesn’t need to be the only life you have.” – Anna Quindlen


Since I can remember that I love to travel, I also have a wild imagination but I can’t seem to put it on paper, worst of all I’m an artist daughter. This conjugation made me become very skeptical to an adventurous life, having seen how someone with an artistic job has so many ups and downs during their career, I always needed some kind of balance in my life.

I’m finally trying to fight a survival instinct that brought me to live a life that I don’t like, 9h to 5h job, boring, with pc’s and numbers, and completely corporation mindset.

I was born to travel, to share my passions and adventures with the world, to try weird foods, to get to know different cultures and most of all to face all of my fears, being them fears of highs or fears of living a non standard life.

I have to work to have that change of life but all of my fears, experiences, along with my enormous capacity of procrastinate are still some of the most difficult steps that I have to go trough.

This is a completely personal post in which I’m not talking about travel in concrete but where I want to share why I’m still just a part time traveler and what I’m trying to face to be able to have the life that I want.


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