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Why adrenaline?

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt


I’m afraid of everything.

Afraid of heights

Afraid of being on a closed space

Afraid of flying

Afraid of ghosts and scary stories


But, and thank God there’s always a but, I don’t want to live with all of these fears, so I’ve lived my life so far in a mixture of adventure and living on my safe space.

And something that I discovered in 2015, but that I’ve experienced since I can remember, it’s that I love adrenaline (and I know that what it’s called adrenaline for me, doesn’t has to be for everyone else).

Last year, and despite my fear of heights, I went ballooning, and even better than that I experienced paragliding…. And it was bloody amazing!


DSC_0001 DSC_0074

It was an adrenaline shot, but I loved it.


Even with all of my fears, the ones that I assume that I have, and the ones that I keep to myself, I want to experience all of the extreme sports (?? – should I called it like that??) and a couple of things and places that make me tremble just thinking about them.


Is this normal?


Wanting to do things that you’re afraid of?


After assuming to myself that I do like it I’m already planning my 2016 bucket list,  with all of the fear causing experiences.


The first one, although I’m not really afraid of it, it’s more because it’s in my “normal” bucket list, will be a camel riding day, in my trip to Morocco in the next couple of weeks.

On the same trip, I’ll probably do something else that will not be very wise …. eating street food…. but that I do everywhere.


And, later in the year I’m planning to be around California, do you guys have some kind of idea of some adrenaline experience around there?




PS: let’s see if now I’ll keep a more normal posting schedule.


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