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Sometimes, mostly during some world crisis I found myself wondering why are we all such bad persons, because is so uncommon to know some really genuine good people.  You can say whatever you want, but intimately all of us have some awful nasty feelings.  I’m however happy that some of us are rational enough to understand that most of those feelings, so many times called human nature, are bad, and we fight them in order to be good people.


(As always I start writing and ultimately lose the idea that I was trying to pass across.)


So many times we are incapable of understanding what others think, how others live, we mostly try to fit in our community and society and in the end most of us end up seeing the world in black & white, “you are either with me or against me” kind of thinking.


“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page”, I’ve been understanding this sentence more and more, the more I travel.


I’m going to Morocco in a couple of weeks, and as I always try to do, sometimes I don’t have time for it,  I was reading some things about it,  and there was a particularly blog post that that caused some discussion on the comments, that made me look at it more than once: “how to dress in Marraquesh”.


It’s something that makes complete sense for me, since Morocco is obviously a Muslim country that has a different culture from ours (occidental/European), and being different and more conservative, we automatically know that we should dress accordingly. However there was both the information about some tourists that were there using short skirts and huge cleavages, and someone on the comments arguing that they should know that we are tourist so we should dress as we want, ignoring their culture and way of being. This for me should be a non-issue, obviously when going to a foreign country we should adapt as most as we can, we shouldn’t go there trying to shock them, they have a different culture, a different education, a different way of living.


I also been in Turkey and Israel, and although, especially in the Israeli case, they’re countries extremely Occidentalized, they’re different from Europe, and we’ve to have an open mind to be there and don’t feel overwhelmed.


I think that the fact that I was able to travel a bit,  and know different people from  different continents and countries, (probably the reading helped as well), helped me to be able to have this kind of facts as something acquired, I don’t even think about it, I know it.


If I’m going to a more conservative or religious country I’ll dress accordingly, I’ll probably dress mostly nothing if I ever have the opportunity to visit either a (an)Amazonian tribe or an aborigine one.

This is such a simple example, but that can go so far in the understanding that on the end we have extreme difficulty to accept anything that’s different from us, and normally if we try and go to different places we end up understanding why the world is not all the same, and in the end to understand our differences we have to know them.


Our world isn’t better or worse, we aren’t better or worst just because we live in the occidental world. We are not superiors to anyone because of the place where we were born, eventually we got lucky for it, but we’re not better.

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