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5 Reasons to fall in with love Marrakesh and 5 reasons why I’m not completely in love with Marrakesh

I recently went to Morocco, just a weekend trip, a couple of days in Marrakesh, and even with only a couple of days I was able to find several things that could make me fall in love with the city and a couple of them that would most likely make not going back:

Why fall in love with Marrakesh:

marrakesh 5

– The food is amazing!!!  I just love food in general, but I loved everything, from the tagines to the desserts and that amazing mint tea.

– Sometimes it seems that we’re walking around in the middle ages, the souks, with all the small shops, either while working there – iron, textile, or even the ones with the living chickens – even the type of clothing, can transports us to another place in time.

marrakesh 20

– They’re super nice, either in the hotel or even in the shops while we’re trying to haggle.

– The haggle, it can be a bit stressful, but at the same time is an experience that all of us must have in our life.

– The 1001 ways in which you can get lost in the medina (I love to walk around with no destination).

marrakesh 2

And then the 5 reasons why I’m not completely in love:

–           Even if they’re super nice in some of the occasions, when you’re a woman walking around, there’s always going to happen some kind of harassment and there will  be times in which you’re not going to feel completely comfortable.


–           The haggle, you can’t buy anything without fighting the price, they don’t even tell you the price until everything is in the bags.

–           They try to sell you everything!!!! Sometimes you can’t even enjoy the square without someone trying to sell you anything. If you take a picture they’ll ask you for money.

–           The crazy motorbikes everywhere… and I mean everywhere!!!

marrakesh 10

–           The traffic, both the one in the streets, that give us headaches if you try to cross the street or if you’re in a car.


However the good overweighs the bad, and I’m most likely going back somewhere along the next couple of years.

marrakesh 6

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