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Instagram goals!!!!

I love to write, but is something that always get’s stuck on my amazing ability to get lost on tons of information, be it in a form of other people blogs or vlogs,or better yet on the enormous amount of weirdness that we can find on the world wide web.

That being said, when I’m travelling, and also when I’m home, I’m always with a camera in my hand, DSLR, a point and shoot, or even my phone, I don’t care, as long as it can take pictures.

So when I opened my instagram feed today, and I saw that I’ve got to the 2000 follower I was like:


“F*ck yeah”



(and yes, I swear like a sailor)


If there’s a social media where I don’t procrastinate is on Instagram, I’m always sharing something, either from where I’m at the moment or from some place where I’ve been in the past. (Since I still work a full time job, it would quickly become a feed with my office building photos if I don’t go to my past trips photos on a daily basis)

Probably, most of you think that 2000 followers is not that big of a number, but for me is something that gives me some kind of acknowledgement that I’m doing something right, even if at baby steps velocity.


And my biggest achievement of the day:




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