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2018 travel plan


Most people get to the end/start of the year and create all these plans, although I can admit that I try to do it every year I’m already aware that I never work trough that long list of things that would change my life to the best. However one thing that I always do is restart my travel plan of the year.


travel plan


2017 was an atypical year to me, instead of having at least one big trip, I ended up with just a small one so I’ll try to work around it in 2018. It was the first time in a long time that I remember not ending up my vacations more tired than on the beginning.


I have a couple of big trips on my mind for the next couple of years, at least one of them is supposed to happen this year, I’ll most likely go to the other side if the world, either Asia or Australia.


I’ve been dreaming to go to the southeast Asia for a long time, and I have Vietnam and Cambodia on the short list of trips to do. On the other hand, my brother just moved to Australia and it’s probably a good time to “use” him and it’s place for knowing a new country and continent.


All the other big trips are probably going to stay on my very long list of places to go, Japan, Russia, Canada, Chile and the Route 66 from one end to the other, and so many others.


So 2018 will probably be either Vietnam and Cambodia or Australia, and if this year is a bit better than the last a couple of long weekends across some european cities. Let’s wait and see.

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