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Missing classes – knowing Lisbon

Even after almost 18 years living in Lisbon, for me this is still one of the most amazing cities in the world, I already knew it when I moved here, I was born in Lisbon and most of my family is from here, but only when I moved here to study did I started to really know the city.


Knowing Lisbon


With all my travelling I discovered that the best way to really know a city it’s to just walk around with no destiny and end up “getting lost”, I not only done that on Lisbon but I also just went around Lisbon with all the public buses, I just entered one went until the end of the line, and then hop up in a different one, and just ended up knowing Lisbon like this.


Lisbon it’s a small city but has so many secrets around it, that even after all these years I still find new things when I walk around, even though my first couple of years here were based on a will of finding everything that this city had to offer me.


I also end up missing a lot of classes like this, ups.


And listening to a lot of music.


Nowadays if I’m travelling you can find walking around with some music, when I first moved here, it was in some bus listening to music, It seems that I can’t just be without music, I even have some musics that makes remember some cities, but for Lisbon it’s almost impossible since I’ve been trying to discover every little corner in the city for years.


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