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Cemitério dos Prazeres – Being an artist in death – A graveyard worth a visit

Being passionate by history and strange things, I found graveyards extremely interesting. Is not a morbid interest, it’s just that they normally can give us some interesting stories. I always try to visit one when I’m travelling to a new place, it’s a way to see how the different culture deal with death, and most of the times we can see a bit of art in them, and have some kind of weird information about the city that I’m visiting.

Obviously, if I like to do it when I’m abroad, I also visited some in my own city. “Cemiterio dos Prazeres” that translated means “pleasures graveyard”, it’s the biggest in Lisboa that was created due to some disease that was spread out through Lisboa during the XIX century.

What I like the most about this specific graveyard is that it is pretty artsy, having innumerous graves with different kinds of sculptures meant to describe several parts of the deceased. It also has the biggest private mausoleum in Europe with several mason symbols, and there are several Portuguese artists that are buried here.

Understandably this is not a place that everybody visits, but that can somehow surprise us, and make the imaginationfly on we try to understand the reason why a certain symbol is carved on a grave.


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