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To do list – Route 66

I believe that everyone who travels and loves to travel always dreams of the next trip on the way back home. And that dreaming and preparation end up being a part of the pleasure that I have with travelling, that being said, I normally am at the same time dreaming about several trips that I wanna do.


I have such a big list of places that I wanna visit, that it includes most of the world, but there’s always the short list of places that I want to go now …

Last year I went to the US, and it was a trip that I planned and dreamed about for at least 5 years. But I hope is not my last trip there, I still have a to go there multiple times, I missed the central states, and then there’s New Orleans, Chicago, Washington, Boston, Hawaii, Alaska, well a lot of places where I want to go, so it’s normal that one of the trips on my short list (that I want to complete in the next 5 or so years) it’s again in the States … Route 66 from one end to the other.

I not only love to travel, but one of my favorite way to do it it’s by car, so getting to know the US with a road trip through Route 66 it’s just something that has been on my mind for a long time, and then there are all the stories that we see and read about it, that end up giving me more fuel to make this trip a reality for me.


I still have to go to the other side of the world (Asia) before going back to the US, but it’s on the shortlist.

My time in the states was on those places that everyone knows at least from the movies, California and NY, but I really want to know those other places that can be so much different (or not).

After all this, please give me ideas and places to go on this trip, to start to plan it, or just share your stories if you already did it. And I’ll hope to one day in the next couple of years use this blog to write about it.

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