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5 must do’s in San Francisco

San Francisco is probably on the to go list of half of the world. I know that it was in mine for several years, and then in San Fran, you have so many places to go, to try, to enjoy.


If you won’t have a lot of time there, please don’t lose the opportunity to check the following:


1 – Go to the Golden Gate, and take some time enjoying the view to one of the most know bridges in the world (The one in Lisbon is almost an identical replica of the April 25th bridge in Lisbon).




It’s a beautiful bridge and the viewpoint on this park gives you the opportunity to not only enjoy the bridge but also a really good view of the city, and even if it’s one of the foggiest days, the  view it’s also amazing with the fog going through the bridge




2 – Lombard Street, again, and this is probably due to how famous San Francisco is, but this seems to be one of the most famous streets in the world. it’s different, a bitch to go up (everything in San Francisco makes you go up and down) but super nice, it seems to always be well taken cared of, and it’s probably different from most streets in the world, but I definitely wouldn’t want to live there, it seems to always have some tourists there.





3 – Alcatraz, and it seems that I’ll use again the, one of the most famous, in this case, prisons, of the world, it’s been deactivated for a couple of years, and it’s now a park that can be visited, and that tries to give us a way to understand how was the life in the prison when it was active, for both the guards and the inmates. I wrote a bit more about that visit here.

And since it was the prison where from it was impossible to run away from, please don’t try to get out of it swimming.





4 – Clam Chowder, you can try this not only in San Francisco but along several places on the coast of California, I didn’t try it in San Fran, but I rad that it’s one of the best places to try it.

It’s basically a bread bowl of a seafood soup that ends up being a caloric bomb. It’s good, really good.




5 – Chinatown, San Francisco is also known as having one of the biggest Chinese community in the western world, It’s also a good place to try to go into a Chinese restaurant, and check out the parks where you can find groups of people doing classes as Tai Chi or others.


And then if you stay a bit longer in San Francisco, well just try to get lost in the city, go to Golden Gate Park and to all the other places. It’s definitely one of my favorite cities.

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