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Girly drinking

I always thought of myself as liking red wine, and not being too girly while drinking.

San Francisco changed my mind, first of all, I’ve drunk chardonnay for the first time, and as you can see my post from last week, I0ve become a fan.

We discovered a really nice and quaint wine bar that had a happy hour when we passed by on our way to Chinatown, and we got back to our little world, since it was the first time in my life that I paid $10 for a glass of wine, just 1 glass. I’m still trying to understand that happy hour.

But, that was one of the moments in that trip to the states where we went all in in the movie like the type of life that we sometimes imagine that it’s the social life in the US: girls going out on the late afternoon talking about everything and anything and drinking Chardonnay.

I’m a happy drunk, I just talk more and get happy about everything, but I also have a high tolerance to alcohol, so it was probably my mind to made me get with that low buzz after just two glasses of wine, I did spend $20, and that should be enough to get a low buzz.

So, the other amazing moment of this trip was going from this little wine bar somewhere in the middle of San Francisco until a Chinese restaurant right in the middle of Chinatown, jumping around through all the hills.

We did choose our wine on a big list of options, and where we made sure we would be drinking some Californian wines, and that just made me put a Napa Valley trip on my to go list, that tiny list that includes more than half the world.

Does anyone out there have experience with Napa wines?


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