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San Francisco Gay pride parade

When I started to plan my trip to the states, years ago, it was always programmed to be during the end of June/start of July, the big trip that I try to do annually is normally around these dates. So if I was to bein the states around that time, I had to move it in a way that I would be in San Francisco during the gay pride weekend.

As it turned out, I went to the states in October, and that gave me just another reason to go back to San Francisco as if I needed another reason.

The gay pride festivities were basically born in San Francisco (among a few other cities), where it started on the seventies as a way to commemorate the Stonewall riots, since then it grew in the number of attendees in San Francisco, but it also started to be celebrated all over the world.


One of my goals on my bucket list is to go to as many different places celebrate the pride, as possible, and that would make San Francisco as a mandatory stop.

Has any of you gone to the San Francisco Pride?

Is it too big to be good? or is it a good experience?

Give me your opinion.



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