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I’ve done a small 2 days tour in the highlands a couple of years ago, but, I feel the same to the Highlands as I feel to Edinburgh, is never enough to repeat.

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Scotland has an amazing history, and so much of it was brewed on the highlands, and then, to combine with the history, you have all the little stories that can combine the real and fantasy of a land with thousands of years.Nova Imagem1

You have the loch ness monster, all the stories of the Highlanders fighting the English rulers, the whiskey distilleries, an almost virgin land, a dreamy coastline, and so many other aspects, that is almost impossible to speak about all of them.Nova Imagem5

It’s indispensable to go to a distillery, at least for me, a non-whiskey drinker, it was the only thing that made me try it, and is able to drink it without hating it, they not only explain you all process of creating whiskey, but they also explain to you how to drink it, be aware, never, never put ice on whiskey.Nova Imagem9

There’s the Culloden battlefield where we can see how many where killed in this battle of the Jacobite rise in 1745. Nova Imagem8As per my guide at the time, it was also one of the occasions when there were several Scottish running away from Scotland due to the fear of being killed by the English.Nova Imagem7 I assume that I haven’t read enough about this subject, but the tour that I’ve done was good enough for me to feel as if I was one of the fugitives of that time.

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Loch Ness, well what can anyone say about loch ness, that wasn’t already written and talked about by hundreds of persons before me, the only thing that I can say, is that it is a place beautiful, that can help you to take some amazing pictures, and you never know, you can see the monster.Nova Imagem6

I can go on with Ben Nevis, the Isle of Skye, and so many more examples, but let’s stop here, and go there by ourselves.Nova Imagem12

My advice, is to get a guide, eventually one of the several tours that happen around Scotland, at least the one I’ve done, helped me to enter a bit into the Scottish mindset, they tell you not only the history of the country, but also some amazing stories, about one or another clan, or some of the most known heroes of Scotland.Nova Imagem10

I’m pretty sure that I’ll be back there sometime in the near future.Nova Imagem3

Does anyone have any advice for the Highlands? Have you been there? Do you wanna go?Nova Imagem4

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