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Greyfriars Kirkyard

I think I told this before, but graveyards are one of my favorite places to visit, I’m definitely a bit morbid.

41What I can also say is that Scotland, and especially Edinburgh, are a dream for those who love to visit graveyards.




1140gk5I went alone at two of Edinburgh graveyards, and then again I went in a tour to the most famous graveyard in Scotland,  Greyfriars Kirkyard, and once again I can say that the tours in Scotland are worth it, not only because is easyer to learn about the place that we’re visiting, but also because they seem to add some fantasy to their stories and that somehow ads more adventure to it15


Greyfriars Kirkyard has a couple of stories, it starts with Greyfriars Bobby who guarded is owner grave for 13 years, Nova Imagem

gk1 the covenants Prison where 400 prisoners were held during a particularly cold winter and from which no many had survived (according to the legend  – in reality, many were sent to the colonies),

gk3 the bluidy Mackenzie tomb one of the most rumored tombs associated with poltergeists,


gk2and for those little Harry Potter nerds like me, the Thomas Riddle grave.


Do you have any story about this graveyard and all the legends that exist around it?

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