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travel plan

How do you plan your flights?

I have been an avid user of Google and all the flight sear engines in the market for several years, as I told before, even when I’m not traveling I’m planning the next one, so I’m always trying to find a cheap way to go anywhere.

travel plan

When I was searching for the cheapest way to get to the US, I finally discovered google flights, and it’s now my favorite website, not only can I search for flights but I can also make numerous combinations, and I can check through a map if is there a nearby airport that could be a lot cheaper.

And then, there’s my favorite, but at the same time least favorite feature, you can create alerts for when the price of the flights go up or down, it’s a good thing to have to try to get the cheapest flights, but then, if you’re not in a moment when you can spend some  money, it’ps super depressing getting the emails and remembering that you’re not going to go anywhere.

But although Google flights its definitive my favorite, I can also look into and momondo. Which websites do you use to search for flights?


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