About wanderer wannabe, who am I?

I’m a wanderer wannabe,

wanderer wannabe
wanderer wannabe

being a scout during my youth years (although: once a scout always a scout) gave me love for wildlife, and also a love for backpacking and for the kind of “wild” and wandering travel that I do nowadays.
This, however, clashes with most of my friends, they’re not on the group of people who prefers to travel with little, than not travel, I by the other hand, just love to travel, I don’t even care where I sleep, I just wanna travel around, and know the world.

The friends that I do have in this condition, either have no money whatsoever, or are braver than I, and already left the corporate world and are now somewhere around the world.

All these have led me to my first “big” solo trip when I finally decided that I couldn’t wait eternally for someone who would make me company around the world, or just around some weird places. So, as soon as I received my paycheck in June 2012 I went and bought an Interrail pass. I know that many of you would think that an interrail alone is something fairly normal, but as you can imagine for someone, that even though is somehow adventurous, is also afraid of everything and had never been out of the country alone, this was an adventure that opened my eyes for what is to travel alone.

That experience and also the ones that I had afterwards with company, made me realize that I really love to travel alone, don’t misunderstand me, I do like to have company when I travel, but I’ll always need a day or 2 in a new place by myself.

I LOVE to just grab my music, my camera and wander through the streets of a place that I don’t know, trying to find something interesting and different, looking at people and checking the graffitis (yeah, I’m kind of a lover for nice graffitis).
Nowadays, I try to always have a bigger trip, 2 to 3 weeks. a year, and then a couple of long weekends through the year, in total, I’m normally alone or at least 2 thirds of the time.

I’ll try to use this blog to share my adventures while being kind of a wanderer a kind of a storyteller, kind of a weirdo, someone who loves to travel, to take pictures, to see the world, to read about the world, to search the internet for everything and anything and an encyclopedia of useless knowledge.

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