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San Francisco Gay pride parade

When I started to plan my trip to the states, years ago, it was always programmed to be during the end of June/start of July, the big trip that I try to do annually is normally

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Girly drinking

I always thought of myself as liking red wine, and not being too girly while drinking. San Francisco changed my mind, first of all, I’ve drunk chardonnay for the first time, and as you can see

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5 must do’s in San Francisco

San Francisco is probably on the to go list of half of the world. I know that it was in mine for several years, and then in San Fran, you have so many places to

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Blue Angels on the Rock – Alcatraz

My brother’s favourite movie for a couple of years was “The Rock” so I kind of had to see something about Alcatraz several times during a few years. Then, a few months before my trip

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