Let’s talk about two of my favorite things: Lisbon and food.

Better yet, food is one of the things in which we Portuguese are really good at. So, and since this year we all need to help, I decided to make a post with a list of some of the best places to eat in Lisbon. Let’s hope that all of them will still be open after this complicated period.

Although this year – like for so many of us – was the year in which I discovered that I like to cook, I still love to eat out, especially in Lisbon. This list includes some very typical places but also some more modern ones.

So, without a specific order:

1- Casa do Alentejo

Even being a small country we have several regions that have some very specific types of food. Alentejo is one of them, if you ask me, it’s one of my favorites (I’ll say this about all Portuguese food). That being said, Casa do Alentejo is a restaurant that is kind of divided into 2. It has a “normal” restaurant on the second floor, that is a bit more expensive. And on the first floor has a tapas restaurant where you can try all the amazing “alentejana” food bit by bit. It’s definitely a must in Lisbon, and the best thing about it – especially to someone who’s here for a few days – is right in the center of Lisbon.

2 – Queijaria

The first time I went there, it went to my top10 places to eat in Lisbon – and that’s not easy. It’s a cheese place, where you can buy cheese from all over the world. But that also has a small room where we can eat some tapas (mostly with different kinds of cheese). For any cheese lover, like me, is heaven on earth. They not only have cheese tapas but also some amazing wines and beers brewed in Minho. I didn’t even know that there were these types of beers made in Portugal. Also in the center of the city, it’s a good place to be with your friends and talk about nothing and everything while eating cheese and drinking wine.

3 – La Paparrucha

This is a famous restaurant in Lisbon that serves amazing Argentinian meat, but I never went there. For 2 reason, is a bit expensive for me, and is so small that we have to book, and I’m kind of awful if I have to book anything. Either way, it is known to have amazing meat and amazing view. And is on my to-go list for years.

4 – Adega das Gravatas

In Adega das gravatas we can find a restaurant with some good food. And a restaurant with a quirky decoration, neckties everywhere, most of them gifted by clients. About the food, you have an enormous choice, between meat, fish, and the most typical Portuguese dishes. I always choose the same when I go there, “Naco na Pedra” it’s translated as “piece of meat on the rock”. They bring us a piece of meat and a scalding hot rock where we cook our own steak as we eat it. A bit out of the center of the city, next to the Benfica neighborhood, but an interesting place to go.

5 – Markets – Mercado de Campo de Ourique; Mercado da Ribeira; Mercado de Algés

In the last decade, there was a modernization of the markets in Lisbon. Instead of the traditional markets in Portugal, which were slowly dying due to the raising of supermarkets, they became food markets. You can find several little restaurants, a bit of everything. And there are even some important chefs in Portugal that use these to showcase their food. They’re places with a different kind of vibe and with a large selection of food from where you can choose.

6 – Santini

I love sweets. And I’m able to eat ice creams anytime, being it summer or winter. So when I discovered that my favorite ice cream place in Cascais, that I used to go to when I was a little girl, was going to open in the center of Lisbon I saw myself getting fatter and poorer. Santini has some of the best ice creams that I ever ate and I lived in Italy. This one s definitely a must-go place, and you should try it, my favorite ones are mango and strawberry, but, you can try any of them. And since it opened in the center of Lisbon is no longer necessary to go to Cascais to try it. (because if it didn’t’ had opened in Lisbon I would tell anyone to go there even having to travel a couple of Km’s).

7 – The best chocolate cake in the world

Yes, it is named like that. And yes, is not far from the truth. And imagine that, they were able to open shops in 6 other countries besides Portugal. The only thing that I can say about it, is that, yes it’s delicious. And so far it was the best chocolate cake that I ever ate, even better than the one made by my grandma. For me it has only a downside, I can only eat a piece at a time, with the one made by my grandma, I can eat it all in one go. Seeing it like this, I don’t know what’s best, eat just a piece or an entire cake.

8 – Dom Leitão

A typical dish in Portugal is Leitão. – that means a little pig – and either saying this or piglet I just remember Winnie the pooh and makes me get weird out about loving so much this dish. – As I was saying, this is a typical dish in Portugal, but is not that normal in Lisbon, but they’re really good with it. Even the wine is lovely, a white frizzy Portuguese wine, that paired perfectly with it. The downside is that is a bit out of the center of Lisbon, almost out of it, but to compensate that it has Fado while we dine. Amazing.

But, something important to know is that in Lisbon there are literally 1001 places where you can eat something amazing. Either fine dining or in a simple cafe around the corner. Like I said in the beginning, one of the best things in Portugal is the food.

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