I love to travel, I spent years trying to force my friends to make some travel plans with me, unfortunately, I came to the conclusion that they aren’t as adventurous as I am.

There was always an excuse, either lack of money, lack of time, or even a lack of interest in traveling (how can someone have no interest in traveling is something that I don’t understand).

Being young and naive, I kind of fell on the “I’ll do it later” train, so between my late teens and my 30’s I hadn’t had as many adventures as I thought I would.

Entering my 30’s was a special moment for me, I did have a crisis, something like a middle-aged crisis, I found myself recently single, in a job that I didn’t like that much, and with not enough travelings in my life.

At that moment I decided that if I wanted to travel I should start doing it even by myself if it had to be, so I bought an interrail pass and went through Europe all by myself.

It was an amazing experience, but since then I traveled a lot, I even managed to have company in a couple of my travelings.

However I discovered that I really loved to travel all by myself, not only do we need to be able to get out of all types of the situation alone, but we also have our time to understand the new places that we’re visiting.

I’ll try to use this, not only to give advice, and talk about all the places I’ve been, but also to try to share my adventures and all the weird situations that I went through.

There’s nothing better than wander through a new city only with your music and your camera, and not a time or destination limit, when you’re alone, you’re completely free.

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