I’m a bit morbid, not in the normal sense of the word, but more as a crazy person who loves weird stories, is super interested in ghosts and spooky places, but is afraid of all of those things.

That being said, I’m assuming my love for graveyards, they can tell us so many stories, isn’t only a place for all of the ghost stories, but more than that you can read the past of the cities in a really small place (some times in a big space),it’s a way to see how a different culture deals with death, and most of the times we can see a bit of art in them, and learn some kind of weird information about the city that I’m visiting.

That’s probably my history background talking, but since I started to travel, I try to go to graveyards in almost every city that I go to. Between all the ones that I went already, there are two that, for me are mind-blowing, first the Edinburgh’s Greyfriars kirkyard with all of the spooky stories that surrounded it, and the other one is here in Lisbon Cemitério dos Prazeres“.

“Cemiterio dos Prazeres” that we can translate to “pleasures graveyard”, it’s the biggest in Lisboa and it was created due to some disease that was spreading out through Lisboa during the XIX century.

But more than his name, or than his size it’s the amount of art inside that normally blows my mind. It has numerous graves with different kinds of sculptures meant to describe several parts of the deceased, and also a lot of sculptures with masonic symbols, more than that it also has the biggest private mausoleum in Europe (we always need to have the biggest xxx in Europe) with several masonic symbols.

And finally, and this only applies if you are either portuguese or you know a lot about the portuguese culture and history there are several Portuguese artists and important families that are buried here.

Understandably this is not a place that everybody visits, and I don’t think that is in any tourist tour but it is a place that don’t only show us the city recent history, with all the mausoleums and symbols around the graveyard, but is also one of the places in Lisbon where you can take the more spooky looking pictures, and I just love that.

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