I have a vivid imagination, and somehow I try to always be mentally prepared for the worst-case scenario, that way if it happens I’ll be prepared for it, but if it doesn’t it will be an even better outcome. With this and some weird situations that I went through while traveling, I could almost create a horror movie in my head or at least a movie with very dark humor.

This one happened a few years ago when I went to Ireland with a friend of mine, we rented a car – you can read it here – and drove through Ireland. 

Obviously, and like with most of the trips I  ever did, the planning was not very detailed, we knew that we wanted to go to the cliffs of Moher, and be in Dublin for St Patricks – and yeah, that part was planned. 

So what happened for this to be easily seen as the beginning of a horror movie?

Well, first of all, we arrived at the place where we were supposed to stay late into the evening and being March that meant it was as dark as it could be. After arriving at the small town – and when I say small town, it really was small, according to Wikipedia it only has 739 habitants – we tried to follow the GPS and ended up in a road that was almost a dirt road, which had a house at every couple of hundred meters, and the hotel did not appear to be one of them. 

The more we drove through that road the more sinister it started to become, no lights, barely any houses, and there was still no hotel in sight. 

Finally, we decided to turn around and try to find someone that could give us some kind of indications – that would be difficult in a town that small and at that hour in the night – but, as soon as we got back to the crossroad we saw that the hotel – The Burren Hostel – was across the street – one day I’ll be able to trust in GPS’s. 

We parked the car in an empty parking lot – can you imagine where this is going? – and go into the hotel, that looked like a 70’s hotel but well kept – so far so good – it took a few minutes for the hotel receptionist to appear, but she ended up being extremely nice and even gave us some options – only 1, never forget that we were in a very small town – to have dinner at that hour. 

As she was taking us to our bedroom she ended up telling us that we were the only ones that night – and you can start to imagine my mind starting to create some movies.

After leaving our bags in the room we went out to the pub – the place where I discovered that fish and chips can be an amazing meal if well cooked – and on the way there, that was around 200m down the road we saw no one – this kind of situation where we see no one is one of the recurring themes in all of these it could become horror movie stories that I have.

So if in Rome be roman, in Ireland drink Guinness – it goes like that, right? –  Although in this situation we didn’t drink Guinness – they had an amazing beer that they brewed themselves – we did drink enough to give us that little buzz. 

And it was now time to come back to the hotel.

Let’s all create the image in our minds, here we were, a little buzzed, in a really small town, no one in sight, and getting to the hotel, that was out of the center of the town – I do have the idea that the town was only one road or at least the main buildings where all in the same road, our hotel was not one of them – late at night – here we are again with the memory problems was it late or was it only dark and I assume that it was late at night? – and when we entered there was no one there, not even the girl in the reception, a whole hotel completely empty besides ourselves, and an older building, so you can imagine the noises that we heard during the night.

As it is, nothing happened and when we woke up the next morning a couple seemed to have gotten in later than us, but that night of imagining that we were in an almost empty hotel, like a bunch of horror movies start, well that night will be part of my memories forever.

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