Overestimating my ability to share and communicate

A few years ago – the first time that I started this blog – I shared with my best friend, probably the one person that really knows me, that I was starting to blog about my trips. that I wanted to write for a living (even though I’m not that confident about my writing style).

I had a mixed reaction:

1st: You should do it, you love to travel and I only see you really happy while doing it.

2nd: Don’t forget that you’re awfully bad at sharing. It seems to me that you’re overestimating your capacity of sharing and communicating

That being said it seems that I’m entering a world that I love, travel, a world in which I wanna get better, writing, and definitely a world where I’ll need to fight my demons, sharing and communicating.

I’m not one of those big travelers that were everywhere, with just a couple of trips however I do have numerous stories to tell, I traveled alone, with an only girls group, with a big group, with people that I barely knew; and most of the times I went through some adventures that are worth to tell. Like:

  • The one where we entered a really bad zone in Bilbao and had to almost run out of there while one of us was having an asthma attack.
  • the one where I lost my plane because I had way too much luggage
  • my first alone trip, 48h from Rome to Lisbon, in a train, with no itinerary, and almost no money
  • arriving at an airport, where absolutely no one knew English, and I didn’t know how to speak Turkish.
  • a train that caught fire… I was asleep during it, and I didn’t wake up.
  • the numerous road trips, that always brought me some kind of adventure.

and so much more.

So it seems that this blog is a way to force me to learn how to share my adventures, let’s hope that I’m not overestimating my capacity to communicate and share.


When I started my travelling i mostly went  trough the most touristy places, museums, parks, landmarks.

In the last couple of years, I discovered something about myself, I really love to travel alone, I have my on time, I visit what I want to visit and it’s easier to engage in conversations with locals, even though for me this is a really difficult task.

With all the wandering around that I made in completely strange cities for me, I was able to find some amazing street art and some of the weirdest neighborhoods.

I was able to take photographs of some really cool pieces of art, and at the same time, I managed to recollect some interesting stories about a girl getting lost in a crappy neighborhood, alone and with a camera that is worth a couple of hundred euros.

These will probably be my biggest topics about all the cities I’ve been .

There will be some recurrent themes:

In a blink of an eye

I love photography, which is one of my hobbies, and obviously one of my passions while traveling. I’m one of those that – although loving to read and trying to improve my writing experience – think that an image is worth 1000 words. This means that I have one category here – I’ll try to use it at least once a week, but I’m not quite sure if I’ll be able to keep it up – where I’ll share one of my pictures and at the same time I’ll try to explain, what that pic makes me feel, or think or remember.

Another way of travelling

I said before, I’m an avid reader, and for me read is another way of traveling. That being said, I’ll try to use this to share my opinions on some of the books that I’ve been reading, mostly books about travel, and probably history –we're also traveling, although is traveling in time instead of space.

It was like every horror movie firt scene

In most of my travels I somehow ended up in some situation that could easily become complicated, but more than that, I have an avid imagination, and I love conspiracy theories. So, while sharing some of these stories, I’ll share at the same time try to share those thoughts going through my mind that could almost translate into a horror movie.

As per everything else, I’ll share my impressions of the places I’ve been, some experiences, and a bit of the history of those places.

And finally I’ll also keep focused in sharing more about Portugal and Lisbon.