Arriving in Edinburgh, was the more daunting experience of her life. The rain, the cold, and the wind were even more intense than during her whole trip. The clouds only allowed her to see the city walls when she was only a couple of feet away. And upon entering the city, the loathsome of her task seemed to grow with everything that she was seeing.

The smell was horrid, it seemed that the city had an open sewer through the street, and she had never seen so many people and she needed to look up to see the top of the buildings, they seemed to be as tall as she ever saw.

The small roads, high buildings, and grey weather were making her feeling claustrophobic, it seemed that she was entering a city that would eat her alive. It seemed that there was not a way to survive life here.

It seemed weird, to get to the dark streets, the rancid smell seemed to get even stronger, while it was almost impossible to see the sky,  but her companion, her betrothed sister, was telling explaining who their new neighbors would be, some merchants from the Netherlands, a couple of Italians, and that was giving her even more headaches. Why would all these foreigners come to this city in the north?

When the carriage stopped, she started to finally hear the sounds that encompassed her, for some reason she kept earring some kind of yells followed by a splash, and when she finally left the carriage what she saw shook her to her core. The splash that she was earring was probably the garbage being sent from those high buildings, as she put one foot on the ground and the garbage seemed to get at least to her ankle. The smell almost made her throw up. Her life was now in this rancid place.

Watching the building was another experience in itself, she had never seen a building this high, it seemed to have 5 floors at least, with a store on the ground floor. Her companion seemed to be unable to stop talking, and was next to her babbling about the building, it appeared that there was a few underground stone vaults, the family used one as a cellar and the shop used another, as for the others, her new sister in law only said that they were off-limits to her. She didn’t know what to think about that, did that mean that they were used to keep some weaponry? Were they used by her future husband for some illicit activity? This was something that would be in her mind until she finally discovered how the other vaults were used years later.

While she was trying to wrap her mind about the new life that she was supposed to have, her sister in law kept talking, explaining that although the second floor was all used by their family, there were more tenants on the rest of the building, the shop owner lived in the first floor, and on the higher floors, there were some merchants warehouses.

Anywhere she looked someone was walking by, this city seemed to have more inhabitants than space. She was so used to having the opportunity to run away from people, to be alone next to the lake on her father’s estate while dreaming of a future as a princess, that she never prepared herself for this.  

Coming from a huge estate where the only ones living there were either from her family or her family employees, this change to a big city, with people from everywhere was something that would scare anyway, but leaving in a house that was divided between so many different families … that was unheard of.

After months of discussion, her father had finally decided that should be married to Lord William of Moher, this marriage meant that his father would be able to have closer connections to Edinburgh, and work upon the social hierarchy. The fact that she had to leave the safe estate where she grew up and come to Edinburgh, where she was expected to generate strong Scotsmen was something that was no issue to her father, but for her, it was the reason why she was trembling while going up the stairs to her new house on the second floor of this weird building.

Her father had warned her before she left – “You’re gonna hate Edinburgh, but I expect that you’ll be fully dedicated to your husband as you were raised to do.”

This was now her life. 

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