Let’s go back to the writing about a pic challenge. For those of you who didn’t read my about page, I’m kind of a crazy person when we’re talking about taking pics while traveling – or on any giving day – I can take way too many pictures when I’m traveling, one of the things that I love the most while traveling is to get lost in a new place with only my music and my camera.

This – and also a challenge that I received twice in the past – gave me an idea to create a category here where I write about some of my pictures. I’m of the opinion that art should be read in many different ways, but I can try to show what goes through my mind when I look at any of my pictures.

So, and since we’re on a Ireland moment, let’s talk about this one:

I’m somewhat weird, and that shows itself in my interest in going to graveyards anytime I travel – or even if I'm only wandering through my city, as I explained here – that brings me to this trip a few years ago when I went to Ireland.

I somehow discovered that there are some amazingly beautiful graveyards in Ireland, my friend had probably a few moments of starting to hate me with the amount of time that I spent in any side of the road graveyard that we found just taking pictures.

This one, was one of those moments, somewhere in the middle of Ireland – I don't think I'll ever be able to get there again – while trying to get somewhere – we did lose ourselves a few times during this trip – I just parked the car and enjoyed the place. There it was a graveyard between one of those roads with almost no traffic and the river on the other side. And the grey weather – although it's quite normal there – giving us that weary vibe of being in a graveyard but with a ghostly feeling.

When I look at this picture I have at the same time the feeling of peace that I had when I was looking around it, but also a feeling of grieving and sadness.

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