Let’s talk about booze?

There are some important aspects to declare about me before starting to write about how to drink whisky.

1st – I like to drink!

2nd – I love to experience new things. (Even when it´s something kind of disgusting, or just plain weird I like to at least try it.)

3rd – When I go somewhere, I like to try what’s typical – it's not always a good thing.

4th -I was certain that I didn’t like whiskey, more than that, I hated whisky. We all had an unfortunate experience with 1 alcoholic beverage that means the end of any possible relationship with it. right?

And then I went to Scotland.

Scotland by the author

 If there’s something that the Scottish are specialized in, is making whiskey. So and as the saying goes, “In Rome be roman” or in this case in Scotland drink whiskey.

While in Scotland – and with the idea that I had to try it there – I went to two amazing places, and in both of them I learned so much about whiskey. It gave me the willingness to try something that I knew I wouldn’t like. But the best of it, they even taught us how to drink it, and believe it or not, it made all the difference for me.

First, and a must go to everyone that goes to Edinburgh, I went to the Whisky Experience, on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile right next to the amazing castle.

whisky by the author

They have several tours that cost between 14£ and 60£ and take a minimum of 50 minutes.

On the cheapest and quickest tour, they show us what it takes to produce whisky. The several types of whisky that exist, they let us try a bit of one – in mine, they also gave us a bit of Irn Bru to taste, that's a Scottish soda, a bit weird to me, probably because I'm not used to it -, and show us the biggest whisky collection in the world, that is really impressive!

I can say that most of all, this experience was really interesting for me because I do like to understand how things work, and I kind of like to know things that are not very useful in the real world. Because, let’s be honest, who needs to know how to make whisky, if you never going to make it.

And then I had another fantastic experience with whisky, I went on a tour – with Haggis tours, the best guide I had so far - Scot, amazing guy – in the Highlands that included a visit to a distillery.

 Blair Athol – one of the oldest working distilleries in Scotland, the home of Bell’s Blended Scotch Whisky.
blair athol
blair athol by the author

Our guide in the distillery was amazing and told us all the history of it.

He also showed us all the complex steps, from the beginning to the final shop. Including the place where they store the barrels to make the famous 15 or 20 or even 25 years old bottles of whisky. so much alcohol!!!.

But most of all, what I enjoyed the most in this visit was that they showed me how to drink whisky.

  • First of all NEVER WITH ICE, 
  • You can drink it plain
  • Or in the worst-case scenario – if you're someone like me that doesn't like whisky – with STILL water. 
  • Finally, you drink it at room temperature, and a way to make it easier to drink is to warm it. There’s a simple way to do it. You have to do is put a hand on the top of the glass and not let any air in it.

It seems weird but it definitely works. I can now proudly say that even if I’m still not a big fan of whisky I can drink it without any problems.

Should I be proud of it?

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