We can spend years trying to understand what we should do to have the best ways to know a city.

I normally use these 3:

  • Read about its history or even just some books where the action was in that city.
  • Try every new food, being it weird or not.
  • And, one of the most interesting for me, is to wander through the city with my camera and some music.

And I discovered this last one over 20 years ago, when I moved to Lisbon to study.

After 20 years living in Lisbon, I still see it as one of the most amazing cities in the world. I was born in Lisbon and most of my family is from here, but only when I moved here to study did I started to really know the city.

With all my traveling I discovered that the best way to really know a city it’s to just walk around with no destiny and end up “getting lost”.

I’ve done it in Lisbon but I also just went around Lisbon with all the public buses. I used to enter one, go until the end of the line, and then hop up in a different one.

That was the way I ended up knowing Lisbon.

Lisbon it’s a small city but has so many secrets around it. After all these years I still find new things when I walk around. Even though my first couple of years here were based on a will of finding everything that this city had to offer me.

I also end up missing a lot of classes like this, ups – And please don't do this, it's definitely not the best option! – And listening to a lot of music.

Nowadays if I’m traveling you can find walking around with some music. It seems that I can’t just be without music. I even have some music that makes me remember some cities, but for Lisbon, it’s almost impossible since I’ve been trying to discover every little corner in the city for years.

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