A few years ago, I had the chance of spending a couple of days in Ireland, since it was my first experience on the island I went all through with the typical Guinness and leprechaun’s trip, even more than normal since I was the during the St. Patrick’s weekend. But one of the things that was a really good surprise, […]


Lisboa can be described with all the cliché of being a Mediterranean city in this “garden planted by the sea” that’s Portugal, however Lisboa is so much more than that. In a city in which we can feel the contrasts and crossings between the old and the modern, I decided on an Autumn Sunday that makes you remember Summer wander […]

5 Places not to miss in Lisbon

I fell in love with Lisbon probably on the day I was born, even though I never got it until I started to travel through the world. When I started traveling, I began to look at my city with eyes of a tourist, and thats the best way to find some hidden secrets, or to look at places where you […]