A few years ago, I had the chance of spending a couple of days in Ireland, since it was my first experience on the island I went all through with the typical Guinness and leprechaun’s trip, even more than normal since I was the during the St. Patrick’s weekend.

The Icon Walk 5

But one of the things that was a really good surprise, – and totally out of this type of trip – was a small store on one of the side streets of temple bar called “The Icon Factory”.

The Icon Walk 4
The Icon Walk 1

The Icon Factory is a non-profit, volunteer-based artist co-operative, that can show us with its creations that Ireland is so much more than leprechaun’s, Guinness, and shamrocks.
They show us the musicians, writers, and all the others that marked Ireland history re-inventing them in a way that makes us want them all over our living room.

The Icon Walk 6

Not only did they changed the souvenirs market but they also created an amazing outdoor gallery with “The Icon Walk”.

TheIcon walk 2

And just how they say in their Facebook page:

“The Celtic Tiger turned out to be a pussy cat so now it’s time for Gaelic Lions to roar, to roam the midland boglands and the sidewalks of Temple Bar.
We will honor you if we love you and mock those whom we disrespect.”


The Icon Walk 7
The Icon walk 3

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