My passion for Edinburgh was born after my first visit and then the second time that I went there, well let’s say that I used the time to know it on another level, for that the tour with the city of the dead was a great help. 

This book is somehow – the how is kind of simple, the author J A Anderson is part of the city of the dead tours – a way to do this tour from your sofa – which this year it was the only way for a lot of us.

The book is divided in 2 parts:

The first one gives us a bit of historical context, the history of the city through the centuries, an explanation on why the city grew up and down in a small place, although being one of the most populous cities in Europe during a period. 

The story behind the stone vaults that exist below the Old city, who lived there and how; what they were used for; and how they were built. I would love to have a bit more information about them, and also the buildings raised above it, but, at the same time, they gave me a broad idea of what I now need to research to imagine how it was to live there.

And then, the goal of the book changes, the second part share with us numerous ghost stories that exist in this city, including some paranormal experiences that happened.

It’s not a very detailed book, the history is not too specific, and the ghost stories, are only that, ghost stories, but at the same time, with this book, you can start to learn a bit about the city and the reasons why Edinburgh is somehow considered one of the more haunted cities in the world.

This is a very interesting read to everyone thinking about going to Edinburgh, or for those who, like me, been there a few years ago, and want a helping hand to remember your experience. 

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