In the early days of the XX century, the city of Lisbon was seeing a boost in the population mainly through the transformation that the industrial revolution was bringing to town, it was a different life. This was one of the main reasons that lead to the construction of Vila Berta.

Built at the beginning of the century, by the owner of the farm that used to be in that same place, it was created, unlike other similar constructions, not as affordable housing for all the workers from the new industries, but as a borough destined for the middle class.

In all of these “Vilas” that are still placed in the older neighborhoods of the town, we can see the interesting construction that gives them a specific style. The difference between Vila Berta and the others is mainly noticed through the quality of the architecture and the materials used.

All throughout the year, it’s interesting to pass by this place, just to be transported to another era, where only the parked cars can remind us that we already passed the millennium. In June they try the hardest to keep up the old traditions during the “Santos Populares”, however, this is practiced not only here but in the entire city.

These little nuggets that you can discover in a new town – or in an old town, like this one for me – are what brings magic to traveling.

I don’t want to just go to the places that are in all of the travel reviews, I love to find these gems, that can show us the history of the city – here we are with the history again – the reasons that created the soul of the city, a different life.

For me the best way to travel is to lose yourself and just wander around, sometimes we’re lucky enough to find this type of gems.

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