Let’s talk about food – especially weird food – over the last couple of days when I finally decided to give this blogging life a go, I’ve explained a lot of my weirdness.

  • I love graveyards – Yeah, I know this starts to put me on the morbid side
  • I’ve been using books to travel this year – well this is not that weird, I think a lot of us are finding alternative ways to travel
  • One of my favorite thighs is to travel alone, not because is easier to know people – I’m forever shy, and it’s still complicated when I’m alone – but because I do like that feeling of being alone in a strange place and using my camera to make memories – always with music
  • I had a lot of situations that could so easily become a horror movie scene, or at least my mind would take me to that possibility
  • And I love ghost stories, weird stories, myths, superstitions, and conspiracy theories, although I’m a wuss

But food, well food is one of my favorite thighs. I love to eat, to try new things, to share a meal with friends, and good conversations, and as with so many this year, I just discovered that I also love to cook.

And one of the things, that we all should do while traveling is try anything that seems too unusual for us.

I did learn to love spicy food in India and completely fell in love with South Asian food, but my first experience out of my normal although we also have some weird things in Portugal, was in Edinburgh, where I tried one of their delicatessens, and loved it, although I don’t really want to know how it’s made 😛

Haggis is made of sheep’s liver, lungs, heart all inside of the stomach (it also has a bunch of other things) and just this description is enough to make a lot of people run away from it. 

I was kind of lucky to have my first experience with unusual food with Haggis, I’m Portuguese, and we have a lot of sausages/chorizos – it’s too weird to say that we as Portuguese have a lot of sausages? – including one called blood sausage and, besides that there are also several dishes in Portugal that are based on some organs from different animals. So this is not that as weird for me as for a few other people.

And like I explained before, for me “weird food” is just something different from what we won’t eat. And is probably also a way to understand a bit more of their culture and history, because, with me, I always try to see the historical point of view.

Haggis or something equivalent to it seems to have existed since ancient times although being considered a dish of Scottish origins some suggest that ancient Romans were the first to do it as a way to use all the types of meat, including the least expensive and the organs.

So, my advise is to try it, you’ll never know if it’s good or not if you dont try it.

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