We started by renting a car. – well if you go to a new country that not only is a new country but it’s also an island, it is kind of normal to have to rent a car if you’re planning a road trip. 

Being my first time renting a car, I was not smart enough to know that I needed insurance, the good thing is that my friend had a credit card with enough limit for that.

And then we leave the airport … well that was the first moment of a week of almost panic for my friend. She didn’t have a driver’s license and I had never driven in a country where we shouldn’t be on the left …. That only meant that I heard numerous yells like “ YOU’RE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD”


Besides the danger that I was in the streets of Ireland, this was an amazing trip, Ireland is definitely the Emerald Island that they talk about, and there are so many ways to enjoy getting lost, for any road we took another pearl was found, some breathtaking view, a graveyard that looked as old as St Patrick, or just that Pub around the corner that would serve you some Irish stew and Guinness (or a local brewer beer).

Ireland has a bunch of places that we need to visit, the cliffs of Moher are one of the mandatory stops, and I had the opportunity to see someone surfing just near there in March –  who the hell goes into that freezing water in the winter? Crazy Irish, it must be all that Guinness that they drink.

From there we end up sleeping in one of these small villages near Cliffs of Moher, where we found an amazing pub, with live music, well, with a bunch of old guys from the village singing and playing, and the most amazing fish and chips that I ever ate, with a really good self-made beer, The Roadside Tavern. But we also ended up sleeping in an almost empty hotel that only made us remember of horror movies – I’ll explain this a bit better tomorrow – although it was clean the breakfast was good and the girl that was working there was super nice, but a hotel mostly empty in a small town where we only get there at night… yeah horror movie in the making

… yeah horror movie in the making…

After a week, I can tell that we didn’t saw everything and that Ireland is without a doubt one of those places that I won’t mind to came back to, I just need to put in my mind that we need to drive  on the “wrong side of the road”

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